Inves Biofarm Services

We are able to take a product launch from start to finish, from the initial design phase through galenic development, quality control, clinical studies, stability and future customer feedback, to commercialization and market launch.


Our customers or our own R&D department proposes a formula idea or indication and in a meeting of the different departments the possible proposals are discussed and analyzed.
Our R&D department designs several formula proposals and prepares pilot batches to check their feasibility.


Different packaging alternatives are studied according to the proposed formulation and purpose.


Product stability studies are carried out to study the shelf life that can be assigned to the product.


Our quality control department performs in-house physical-chemical and microbiological analyses.


We participate in the design of the clinical trial or efficacy tests and the obtaining of the pertinent authorizations.


We can help our customers with regulatory aspects and assist them in the registration of the products.


We design effective formulas based on novel ingredients.

We develop customized products where the customer can define their characteristics such as active ingredients, aroma, color or texture.

We carry out the stability studies and microbiological and physicochemical analysis necessary to market the product according to current regulations.

We can carry out efficacy and safety studies, as well as product testing on volunteers. We have specialized in the development of medical devices, such as injectables for traumatology and esthetics, eye drops, mouthwashes and formulations for topical or gynecological application.

We also have extensive experience in the development of sterile products for professional use in mesotherapy and in the development of cosmetic and personal care products such as creams, gels, peelings, etc.

We have extensive experience in the handling of peptides and proteins, which has culminated in an international patent for protein stabilization and conservation applicable to industrial developments in the formulation of health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


We have our own R&D laboratory, quality control laboratory and manufacturing plant for cosmetic products and topical and injectable medical devices of any class (I, IIa, IIb and III).

Our 10 years of experience allow us to manufacture a wide variety of products for third parties, in different formats and galenic forms. For this purpose, we have 3 manufacturing areas in which we can manufacture:

- Sterile and injectable: sterile ampoules and vials, roll-on, syringes, eye drops.
- Semi-solids: creams, gels, serums, lotions, mouthwashes.
- Solids: powder sachets and granules.

Our processes are carried out in clean manufacturing rooms with ISO 7 to ISO 5 classification, pharmaceutical quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment. The combination of these resources together with the experience and qualification of our team allow us to develop and manufacture a product of the highest quality, facilitating its marketing.

Regulatory Affairs

Inves Biofarm provides regulatory consulting services in different areas:
• Biocides
• Cosmetics
• Medical devices
• Quality Management System implementation
• Authorization of facilities